29 August, 2016

¡Spicy Sandía!


Latin Americans are all too familiar with sunshine and humidity which is why we love the bold combination of fruit and chili so much! Want to make this perfect summer drink? Here's the quick and healthy recipe to quench your thirst and keep you looking radiant! For those of you who are experiencing cold weather, I have a delicious recipe for you next! ;)

To make the Spicy Sandía, you will need:
1/2 cup Ice Cubes
1 large Watermelon
1 tbsp Vegan Sugar
4 tbsp Lemon Juice
Powdered chili

1. Cut watermelon a little less than half and scoop everything out.
2. Remove the seeds and blend the fruit for 1O-15 seconds.
3. Add the lemon juice, sugar, and ice cubes to the blended watermelon. Blend for 1O seconds.
4. Sprinkle powdered chili on the rim and inside of the watermelon "bowl".
5. Add the blended drink inside.
6. Sprinkle powdered chili or sugar on top and add a straw.

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21 August, 2016

Is PokémonGO Animal Cruelty? ☠


The recent release of a semi virtual reality game PokémonGO has people asking again, "Do Pokémon games make children want to mistreat animals?"

Technically speaking, the objective is to catch every species of Pokémon, strengthen and evolve with fights, and become the very best (like no one ever was)! In one psychology article, it stated that "The only part of the issue that researchers do agree about is that violent media types are not the only cause of children committing violent acts. The involvement of parents in what their children watch, how the family interacts with each other, what the children are exposed to in their environment are also indicators of  how they will behave and what value system they will follow." Basically, watch your kids and take action if incidents such as violence on animals begin to surface!
PokémonGO can promote animal cruelty, or it can promote encouragement to explore for people with depression &/or anxiety. The Muncie Animal Shelter in Indiana is seeking "Pokémon trainers" to volunteer as dog walkers. Strangers are getting together in local parks and interacting. The kids in a Michigan Children's Hospital are motivated to get out of bed and find Pokémon in the building. It's not meant to be taken as a serious game against animals.

The real issues are causing car accidents, crossing into private property, and kidnappings through false "meet ups". Thankfully, the app was recently updated an lets players know to respect private property, not drive and play, and always be aware of their surroundings. As for avoiding theft or kidnappings, go to local meet ups in broad daylight and take a friend or family member along. Have fun and be safe!
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15 August, 2016


"MOLLY & DANY" by Adi Robles. 2O16
One of my favorite Mexican youtubers (Danyela/ Danyancat) was in a car accident and is still recuperating. So to bring up her spirits I made her this little illustration of her and her adopted dog companion, Molly.
Una de mis Youtubers favoritas Mexicanas (Danyela/ Danyancat) estuvo en un accidente de coche y se está recuperando. Entonces para darle ánimo le hice esta pequeña ilustración de ella y su compañera perrita adoptada, Molly.

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