26 September, 2016

☯ Xbox One S Review ☯


The latest release from Microsoft of the Xbox One S got my inner child in an excited trance. Being able to connect the television, cable, BluRay, and Netflix; eliminating all the controls, I was sold! It was the perfect early birthday gift for both my husband and I (26th of September/TODAY and 7th of October). After purchasing the Halo edition (includes Halo 1 - 5) a couple of weeks ago, I decided to test it out and give it a quick review.
The Xbox One S is much smaller than the Xbox One and its competition the Play Station 4. It leaves more than enough room on my shelf for books and decorations while giving off a stylish and minimalistic appearance. It's also pretty lightweight and easy to place almost anywhere. The new controllers are cordless and the grip is also more comfortable. I like connecting my headphones because it puts me in my own personal bubble without disturbing my husband. However, I'd prefer the headphone jack to be at the top of the controller since it bends the wire when it brushes by my "amazing abs"/tummy. :P
Having 4k image quality with BluRay and HDR (High Dynamic Range), connecting it to our 4k television made it worth every cent! Everything is so clear (¿what pixels?) and the main menu page is also better than the Xbox 36O. As far as games go, I've had no problem with the quality in graphics during gameplay and everything is spot on. Since I can also connect my Netflix account, I love watching my favorite series, "Narcos" on it and anything with 1O8Op quality is boosted to 4k!
The gameplay is superb! Some Xbox 36O games are even compatible. Although I'm still on Halo 1, I did some quick run-through levels with them all and so far no freezing or buffering. Playing live with other people is also fun and easy to control.  Street Fighter wise: I was bummed out at first to hear that Street Fighter V will not be released for the Xbox One or One S. Then I remembered how they took out iconic characters such as Blanka, Sagat, Guile, E. Honda, & Balrog so I got over it. I'm sure I can wait for Street Fighter VI!

The Xbox One S Halo edition comes with over 5OO gigabytes of memory but you can always purchase more. Since I like to keep my gaming organized, this is enough memory space for me at the moment. If you're looking for heavy amounts of memory, there is another Xbox One S with TWO TERABYTES of memory storage! They basically have every type of person covered.

Is it a good idea to buy the Xbox One S instead of the Xbox One or PS4? The truth is that this console is worth it. If you're looking for something with decent price ranges and high quality in graphics and design, then the Xbox One S is the perfect option.
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The Xbox people sent me this adorable graphic of Dracüla via Twitter!

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20 September, 2016

Going Cruelty Free: 6 ✾ Yendo Sin Crueldad: 6


My Vegan HairCare Routine

Did you know that curly & wavy hair can be easily tamed with only three cruelty-free products? Since I don't dye or use heat on my hair, I follow a strict self-made regimen to keep my waves & curls on check. Here's the exact process and the products I use + some tips and tricks for my fellow curly fries!

The Products:
The Process:
1. I only wash my scalp with shampoo and scrub well to remove any dirt or styling product. Rinse.
2. Apply conditioner starting at the ends of hair and working up, but not to the scalp.
3. With conditioner still on, brush hair with Wet Brush or wide-tooth comb from ends to roots. Rinse.
4. Dry hair with towel and brush again. I create my side part with a rat tail comb and then apply Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum to the ends of my hair and work my way up to the scalp.
5. Lastly, I "scrunch" my hair with my fingers to create body in the waves and curls. Let hair dry on its own.

1. (Tutorial video)-> Pin curls are not just for vintage hairstyles! They're also a great option for heatless waves and curls. Sleep on them overnight with a bandana around your head and lightly brush them out with your finger tips or Wet Brush. I sometimes use pin curls (shown above) because they enhance my natural curl.

2. Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum is actually used by people with straight hair, but I noticed that it strongly reduces frizz (especially when I pin-curl) and does not leave heavy residue. In other words, a little bit goes a long way on my very long hair. You can run your fingers through it without creating knots and it smells like a fresh garden of fruit and flowers!

3. If you want voluminous hair naturally, sleep in a pineapple hairdo! Wrap all of your hair in a vey high ponytail and sleep on it. This also works for straight hair.

4. Perfect Shampoos and Conditioners for moisture are hard to find. Kirkland Signature is the only one that has worked magic on my hair! They are high salon quality and leave my hair looking, smelling, and feeling brand new. As long as they remain cruelty-free, they will be my go-to combo!

Remember that new "Going Cruelty-Free" posts will be published twice a month where I share my transition, new cruelty-free discoveries, products, and experience with certain brands. Use the hashtag #SCAdi on Twitter & Instagram to share any questions or products you like. Also tag me (@Nosferadi) on them for a retweet!
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18 September, 2016

El Update + Giveaway/ Sorteo!


My apologies for the absence! All I've been doing is work on business, help my husband with his college studies, go to the gym, and play video games. (Can you say "spoiled"? :P) However, over the past couple of months I've been thinking about making changes to the blog. Maybe it's a bit narcissistic, but I thought, "Why not share my other hobbies and interests?" Although I don't consider myself an interesting person, it's really nice to have a platform where I can share the things I love. To show my sincere apology I'm having another drawing giveaway! All you have to do is fill out the information below and you're all set!

Free Personal Drawing!

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