16 June, 2017

Portugal: Miguel Gouveia

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 "Miguel Gouveia" by Adi Robles. 2O17

There are so many fashionistas in the blogosphere but only a certain handful have caught my attention. With that being said, I created a project where I make an illustration of a new blogger every week to showcase on my art section. Starting this newfound interest is my favorite Portuguese blogger, Miguel Gouveia.

Being more of a lifestyle blog, his part of the internet goes beyond the cliché of just personal stories as he shares tips and inspiration on home decor, beauty, food, and men + women's fashion. He speaks about personal growth while also showing us the beauty of his surroundings in Portugal infused with fashion, nature, and architecture.

Testing my minor skills in the Portuguese language, his outfit photos and storytelling in each blog post never cease to amaze me. We also switch languages around between a little Portuguese, Spanish, and English! (Plus, his birthday was a couple of days ago) so this will be his belated birthday gift!

Miguel's Blog: Pieces of Me

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02 June, 2017

Flower Mango ♨ Mango Flor


Welcome to my first recipe video on YouTube! On this blog post I'll be sharing the ingredients and instructions on how to make this classic Latin favorite. The video is at the very bottom of this post. Please make sure to SUBSCRIBE to my channel. Let's start!

1. Chili powder or Chili flakes
2. Lemon or Lime
3. Mango
4. Kabob Stick
5. Peeler
6. Knife

1. Peel the mango.
2. Starting from the bottom, cut pedal shapes in the mango & lightly push outward.
3. Add lemon/lime juice and chili powder/flakes.
4. Enjoy!

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30 May, 2017

Going Cruelty-Free: 1O ✾ Yendo Sin Crueldad: 1O


Pearly Whites

After countless trial and error moments in finding the perfect toothpaste, Tom's of Maine has finally done the trick! The strong chemicals in commercial toothpaste brands would damage and weaken the inside of my cheeks and gums. Even the so-called "for sensitive teeth" versions showed no improvement. At last, I gave Tom's of Maine a chance and I'm glad to have done it.

Not only are all Tom's of Maine products cruelty-free, they also contain more natural ingredients that are safer to use. These toothpastes are so gentle, but strong enough to whiten my teeth in one week (something no other toothpaste has done before). Their peppermint toothpaste is my favorite as the aroma reminds me of a Peppermint York patty! The traditional mint has also become a favorite.

It's been five months since I began using Tom's of Maine toothpaste and I can confidently say that there is no better product to get the job done. If you suffer from sensitive teeth or gums then give them a try and see how you like them!

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