24 November, 2016

Vegetarian Traveling ☺ Viajando Vegetariano


No one knows the struggle of eating somewhere new like vegetarians and vegans! Since I'm leaving for my first business trip abroad right after Thanksgiving, I've compiled five tips for eating veggie-friendly in another country or state!

1. Search online menus. 
Do research on vegetarian / vegan places in the area(s) you'll be visiting.

2. Call restaurants. 
Sometimes not all menu items are online, so it doesn't hurt to give them a call in advance.

3. Make reservations. 
There's no better feeling than going into a restaurant and immediately being seated. If possible, make an early reservation for places that are well known to bring in crowds.

4. Explore! 
Some of the best veggie places may be off the radar and can only be found through word of mouth or exploring the streets. Don't be afraid to ask the locals or street vendors of any good places to eat veggie.
5. Don't eat in international places. 
For example, common places like McDonald's, Burger King, etc. The only reason to eat at places like these is if they have special menu items that aren't sold in their other chains around the world.

Hopefully this list can help on your next trips! I'll return with a video and photos to share of my trip. :)
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11 November, 2016

Giveaway Unboxing / Haul!

I won my first YouTube giveaway! Watch the video below as I share my super kawaii prizes with you all! Make sure to Like the video and Subscribe to my channel and Danny Direwolf's channel for more giveaways.
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¡Gané mi primer sorteo de Youtube! Mira el vídeo arriba para compartir mis regalos súper kawaii con ustedes! Asegúrate de darle Like al vídeo y Suscribirte a mi canal y el canal de Danny Direwolf para más sorteos.
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10 November, 2016

Trump Protest in Downtown Los Angeles

The sound of helicopters woke up my husband near midnight and we stepped outside to find three of them hovering over City Hall. We grabbed our cameras and went to discover a protest over the new United States president, Donald Trump. People of all ethnicities were loud but peacefully united while police kept watch of everything. The SWAT team arrived and many of the protesters even went on the freeway near Alameda Street. Few people were arrested that night and no one was shot or killed.
El sonido de helicópteros en la medianoche despertó a mi marido y salimos a mirar casi tres volando sobre el Palacio Municipal. Agarramos nuestras cámaras y fuimos a descubrir una protesta sobre el nuevo presidente del EE.UU, Donald Trump. Había gente de todas etnias gritando pero pacíficamente reuniéndose mientras la policía pacientemente vigilaba todo. El grupo SWAT llego y la protesta hasta se metió en una autopista cerca la calle Alameda. Poca gente fue arrestada esta noche y nadie fue disparado o murió.

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